Friday, 4 September 2015

Summer 2015

This June I finally left secondary school, which meant that I had an 11 week summer to enjoy. So I came up with the idea of taking photos throughout my summer and then create a post to share my summer with you.

At the start of my summer I had my Year 11 prom, read about here. It was definitely one of the highlights from my summer, spending a night dressed like a princess with my school friends,I wish every night could be like that. 
Since I am a little hermit who loves being in my bed, I watched several TV shows and caught up to the most recent episodes. I have watched Sex and the City, Orange is the New Black, Devious Maids and the most recent one is Pretty Little Liars. I have also watched countless films from most of the Disney Princesses to Pride and Prejudice and Confeesions of a Shopaholic. I have had my fair share of eventful days out from going bowling and playing mini golf to hopping on a train and spending the day in Leeds.

I went in to school to collect my exam results and year book, which felt weird as there were no students walking around, no one in uniform and I hadn't been there in over two months. I have also tried to become healthier by eating healthier foods and going out to take the dogs for a walk. Additionally, I have been spending more quality time with my family by going to see my nan every weekend. And finally..... I got glasses! I never thought I would love wearing glasses so much and although I feel like a nerd, I can't help but take selfies with them on.

How have you spent your summer?

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