Friday, 4 December 2015

Candle Corner #12 - Yankee Candle Orange Splash

I have yet another candle post for you. I really enjoy writing these posts and it seems that you like them.

For this post I want to talk about the Yankee Candle Orange Splash votive. I needed to get some more candles for collection as there wasn't many in the existing one, so I got this one and four others. 

I would never have thought that I would like an orange scented candle or orange scented anything, but I love this candle scent. It smells like orange sweets and is very refreshing, which is probably why I love it. 

I love the votive size candles as they are really cheap at £1.80 and last a really long time. I also love how they look all lined up together.

What is your favourite yankee scent?

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