Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Resolutions and Goals For 2016

For the new year I wanted to set little goals for me to achieve throughout 2016. I am extremely excited for the new year as I am turning 18 and also my blog will be turning 2! I have never really set myself proper goals and if I had, I never stuck to them and achieved them. However, I wanted to give it another go and try to stick to it.

Goal #1 - Become Healthier
I am not exactly the most unhealthiest person, but I'm not the healthiest either. In 2016 I want to cut out the rubbish food and drink and become a lot more healthy. I also want to exercise a lot more.

Goal #2 - Go Out Of My Comfort Zone More
I am one of those people that prefers their own company to others and that won't wear garish or out there clothes. However, I want to be able to do things that I won't necessarily do, things like date people or wear a really bright colour.

Goal #3 - Spend More Quality Time With Family & Friends
As I said above, I prefer my own company. This means I sometimes opt out of spending time with friends or family and spending it with myself. Even simple things like watching TV with family is quality time, but I choose to opt out of it. Although, I already started this goal/resolution before the new year. 

Goal #4 - Save Up £100
I love saving up my spare change. I do it all year round but I always cash in the small amount and then end up spending it. This year I want to save £100 and then maybe put it in a saving account.

Goal #5 - Reach 300 Blog Followers
I am already close to 300 followers, but I thought it would be a small, reasonable goal to reach. I absolutely love blogging and am so proud that I have reached over 250 followers already. Thank you if you have followed!

Goal #6 - Become More Confident
I am extremely insecure about myself, whether it is with the way I look or my personality and that is down to being bullied when I was younger. I absolutely hate being insecure, so I thought I would set myself a goal to become more confident as I would definitely benefit from it.

What goals have you set yourself?

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  1. Really great goals!!!!