Monday, 28 December 2015

The Divergent Trilogy Book Review

During the summer I decide to watch Divergent and Insurgent since I had never seen them before. I never felt compelled to watch them as I didn't think I would like them, but, as I was bored, I decided to watch them. I absolutely loved them! I thought they were amazing and a really great film. A few weeks ago I decided to watch them again as I had done a double page spread mock up of the trilogy in college. Again, I loved them so the following weekend I bought the books.

The following Tuesday evening I started to read the first book, Divergent, since I didn't have college the next morning so I could stay up late to read it. I carried on reading it for the whole of Wednesday and couldn't put it down. I then began to read Insurgent on the Thursday during college break, lunch, when I got home from college and then Friday morning. Since I was so addicted to the trilogy I soon started reading the final book, Allegiant. I was super excited to read this book as I didn't know what happens because the film hasn't been released yet. 

I really enjoyed reading the whole trilogy, especially the first and last book. The second book, Insurgent, was really hard for me to get my head around as it is completely different to the film. Usually when a book is made into a film it keeps the same story line and changes a few bits, this didn't. Saying this, I still enjoyed the book and thought it was really good read. The books were written exceptionally well and I found that I could clearly picture the scenes the books were set in and all the characters. There were parts in all of the books that made me laugh and parts that made me cry, I bawled like a baby in the last book.
I really like the front cover design as well as they look super pretty and stunning. 

Have read the book trilogy?

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