Friday, 26 February 2016

300 Followers & 2 Years Of Blogging!

Thank You!
A week a go I hit 300 followers on Bloglovin' and this weekend it is the 2nd anniversary of The Giggly Blogger! So I thought I would put the two milestones into a post and reflect on what I have learnt in the last two years and where I would like my blog to go in the future.

I have learnt so much from having my own piece of the internet and don't regret a single moment of it. When I first started my blog I was intimidated by the amount of content bloggers create and how long each piece was compared to mine, but now I know that it isn't about quantity, it's about quality and it's okay if you don't write an essay each week on something you are passionate about. I have also learnt that I shouldn't compare my blog to any other because everyone is different and are interested in different things, it's good to be different.  Furthermore, I have learnt that I shouldn't rush blog posts and if I don't sound or feel passionate about it, then I need to scrap it. Also, to make a blog schedule, so readers know when to check your blog, and stick to it.

What I have learnt on the photography side of blogging is that you don't need a fancy and expensive camera to have great photos, a lot of bloggers use their iPad or phone and they look amazing. Also, that natural lighting looks much more realistic compared to making the images brighter when editing them. When taking photos for a post, I have learnt that you should always take several, even if some are at the same angle, because you have more options to choose from. Furthermore, you don't need props to make the image look fabulous, you could put the photo subject on a pretty background; bedding, clothing, books etc. 

For blogging goals I would definitely say that I would like to achieve 600 followers in the next two years. I would also like to start promoting my blog in my day to day life and on Twitter more as I never promote my blog on social media, partly because I don't want to be criticised by people because I have a blog. It was only last year that I told my college friends that I had a blog and that was because one of them has a blog and the other was interested in blogging herself. Another goal is to write content about my other interests like films, food and travel.

How long have you been blogging for?


  1. Congratulations, 300 followers is amazing!

    Y xoxo