Friday, 19 February 2016

Candle Corner #16 - Wickford & Co Carribean Zest and Apple Cinnamon

Whilst walking around Home Bargains, I checked out the candle section and picked up these beauties. I have already had two other Wickford & Co small jar candles and I loved them, so I definitely wanted more.

Carribean Zest smells exactly like a pina colada. It is quite coconuty and tropical which is perfect for summer. Also, the scent is really strong to say it is a cheap candle. Every time I smell this candle, it makes me smile as it reminds me that summer isn't that far away.

Apple Cinnamon is such an amazing scent. It smells like apple pie and is like nothing I have smelt before. It isn't a great deal cinnamony, but I prefer it that way as I'm not nuts for the spice scent.

Have tried Wickford & Co candles?


  1. I've never tried these candles before, nor ever heard of the brand!! I absolutely love candles, although I always forget to burn them so I have SOO many sat around in my bedroom collecting dust. The scents sound absolutely delicious, good enough to eat hahaha xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I had never heard of them either. They are so absolutely delicious. I am the exact same with hoarding candles too! :)