Friday, 12 February 2016

The Night Rainbow Book Review

 Back at the end of last year I went into The Works and bought a bunch of books, this being one of them. This was the first one out of the six that I read and so I thought I would review it.

The Night Rainbow by Claire King is definitely for a younger age, like 14 year olds, as it is wrote in a childish way and is quite a short story. It is set in Southern France and is about a young girl called Pea. Practically abandoned by her grief stricken and heavily pregnant mum, Pea and her younger sister set out to find a new papa and meet Claude. 

I found the book a little boring and I wasn't that interested in it. If it was in a proper bookshop I probably wouldn't have bought it, I only got it because it was part of 3 for £5 offer (usually £7.99) and because it had a pretty cover.

Have you read this book?

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