Friday, 25 March 2016

The Hidden Cottage Book Review

I bought this last year in The Works as part of their 3 for £5 offer. I had never heard of the author Erica James so I didn't know what to expect from the book. Prior to reading this book, I read Paradise House by the same author (bought at the same time as this one) and loved it, so I couldn't wait to read this one. With that being said it did take me a long time to actually read the book as it started off quite boringly and was hard to follow as it changed to different perspectives, this meant it took a month for me to read it. 

However, once I got used to the perspective changes and learnt more about the characters etc. I really liked it. The story line is different to books have read previously. Throughout the whole book I could vision what it would look like in real life, which is down to the amount of description of each character and scenarios.  Also, throughout the book there are many funny parts which made me laugh, but there were some sad parts which made me cry. The ending of the book definitely made up for the beginning as the last third of the book was quite dramatic.

Have you read The Hidden Cottage?

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Why I Love Reading ...

I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was ridiculously busy. Since I didn't want to miss this weeks post, I thought I would publish it a day late.

Ever since I was little I have absolutely loved reading fiction. So much so that I wanted to become an author, as was really good at writing stories when I was little, and now want to work in publishing. Since I love reading so much, I wanted to make a list of reasons why I love it so much and hopefully some of the reasons will relate to you.

Reason 1
For the sense of achievement when you have finished a book. Especially a long, think book that looks more like an encyclopedia and if you have read the book in a short amount of time. 

Reason 2
It allows me to use my imagination and create the characters in my head. I love a book that describes things so clear and well that I feel like I am creating a little movie of it in my head. 

Reason 3
It fills my spare time. Since starting college and getting four days off a week, I find that I have quite a lot of free time. So I needed something to do and reading has filled that gap of time. Even if I need to escape from doing work, I just pick up my book and relax.

Reason 4
It allows me to learn new words. When reading a book and I come across a word I don't know the meaning of I look it up in a dictionary. Doing this for most of my life has really helped me progress in my writing, and really helps when I am having a debate or arguement with someone.

Reason 5
It lets me escape the real world and dive into the world of fiction. Like I said above, when I get bored or stressed with other work, simply picking up a book and reading helps me relax and de-stress.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Candle Corner #17 - Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime

 I have wanted this candle for a while, but always forgot to pick it up. So when I was in a Yankee shop in Salford, I finally bought it!

It is definitely a summer sent, but I would burn it all year round just because I love the scent so much. It is very refreshing and zesty, as well as sweet and fresh. It reminds me of making virgin mojitos in Las Iguanas in Year 6!

I think they are such good value for money, £1.80, as you can smell them without needing to burn them and they last for 15 hours.

Have you tried this scent?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Paradise House Book Review

I recently bought this book from The Works as I wanted some more books to read. I have never heard of this book or author before so I was a little skeptical about whether I would enjoy it or not. I did, I more than enjoyed it. Although it took me a week to read, I loved it and was addicted to wanting to know that happened next. 

Paradise House it the home of the Baxter Girls, and run by their family. With their mother away to 'find herself', Genevieve, the oldest Baxter Girl, has to run the family owned B&B with little help from her two sisters. After a nearby barn is sold, Genevieve is taken on an unavoidable trip down memory lane. 

It is a really good read and has quickly become one of my favourite books of all time. After being thrilled with this book, I am eager to get more Erica James books to add to my collection.

Have you read this book?