Friday, 4 March 2016

Paradise House Book Review

I recently bought this book from The Works as I wanted some more books to read. I have never heard of this book or author before so I was a little skeptical about whether I would enjoy it or not. I did, I more than enjoyed it. Although it took me a week to read, I loved it and was addicted to wanting to know that happened next. 

Paradise House it the home of the Baxter Girls, and run by their family. With their mother away to 'find herself', Genevieve, the oldest Baxter Girl, has to run the family owned B&B with little help from her two sisters. After a nearby barn is sold, Genevieve is taken on an unavoidable trip down memory lane. 

It is a really good read and has quickly become one of my favourite books of all time. After being thrilled with this book, I am eager to get more Erica James books to add to my collection.

Have you read this book?

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