Saturday, 19 March 2016

Why I Love Reading ...

I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, but I was ridiculously busy. Since I didn't want to miss this weeks post, I thought I would publish it a day late.

Ever since I was little I have absolutely loved reading fiction. So much so that I wanted to become an author, as was really good at writing stories when I was little, and now want to work in publishing. Since I love reading so much, I wanted to make a list of reasons why I love it so much and hopefully some of the reasons will relate to you.

Reason 1
For the sense of achievement when you have finished a book. Especially a long, think book that looks more like an encyclopedia and if you have read the book in a short amount of time. 

Reason 2
It allows me to use my imagination and create the characters in my head. I love a book that describes things so clear and well that I feel like I am creating a little movie of it in my head. 

Reason 3
It fills my spare time. Since starting college and getting four days off a week, I find that I have quite a lot of free time. So I needed something to do and reading has filled that gap of time. Even if I need to escape from doing work, I just pick up my book and relax.

Reason 4
It allows me to learn new words. When reading a book and I come across a word I don't know the meaning of I look it up in a dictionary. Doing this for most of my life has really helped me progress in my writing, and really helps when I am having a debate or arguement with someone.

Reason 5
It lets me escape the real world and dive into the world of fiction. Like I said above, when I get bored or stressed with other work, simply picking up a book and reading helps me relax and de-stress.


  1. I agree with every point, especially the last, I love creating my own little world and living in it for a while! x


    1. Creating your own little world, based off of a book, is the best! :)