Friday, 27 May 2016

This Is A Love Story Book Review

At the end of last year I bought six books for £10 in The Works and this was one of them. I first picked it up in the shop because it has a pretty front cover, but I then read the blurb and was intrigued. 

It follows the story of Sienna and Nick and their love story. From meeting on the train, to working together and then friendship. 

This was the last book out of the six that I read and I am glad I left it till last as it took me a while to read it. The chapters are really long, between 20 and 40 pages, so I couldn't read it for a long period of time. 
However,I loved the book, even though it made me cry at parts. But I did find that I was easily predicting the ending to a certain degree. With this being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and enjoyed each and every character in it. 

Have you read this book?


  1. I've never read this book but I am really intrigued by it as the front cover is super cute! I need to read the blurb! Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Here is the blurb....
      "This is a a love story. Boy meets girl and girl falls for boy - that much is true. But when Sienna meets Nick it's not the way it happens in love stories. It's because of a squirrel on water skis... She sees Nick's dangerous brown eyes and thinks, don't. fall. into. them. Who will be there to catch Sienna when she falls? She is so fragile. She has so many secrets, and he is not that serious."

      It truly is a great book and I agree with the cover. It's super pretty.