Friday, 17 June 2016

An Updated Bucket List...

Back when I first started my blog I did a bucket list post, however I was new to the whole blogging thing, so it wasn't that good. So I wanted to do a new and updated version. 

1. Own Over 100 Books
I am quite a big bookworm, and so it's no suprise that this is one on my bucket list. I think it would be such an accomplishment to own that many books.

2. Live In A Different City
Although I love my home city of Sheffield, I want to exlore other cities and see what they are like to live in. 

3. Conquer All My Fears
I have by far the weirdest fear. I mean arachnophobia (spiders) and acrophobia (heights) are pretty normal, but fear of hoovers/vacuums? I definitely need to conquer that one.

4. Try Oysters
I have never fancied giving an oyster a go, but I have the rest of my life to do it. They just don't look that appetising.

5. Go To The Ballet
I am not a big fan of ballet, but I don't see how I can make that judgement since I have never been, so I want to give it a go.

6. Do A Colour Run
They look so fun and I really want to go and sign up for one.

7. Go To University
I really want to experience what the student life is like and then come out with a degree after, I'm just not sure what degree I should do. Also, it is a great way for me to cross off goal number 2 on my bucket list if I go to a university in a different city. Two birds, one stone!

8. Run 2.5km
I am not a big runner and when ever I go running, they are only short ones. So I wanted to give myself this goal and see if I can achieve it.

9. Go On The London Eye
I have been on the Sheffield Eye, when it was in the city centre, and quite enjoyed, but it was a lot smaller that the London Eye. So I want to go on the London Eye, especially with the veiw you see.

10. See More Of The World
I love travelling and going on holiday abroad, so this definitely had to be on my bucket list.

11. Learn How To Ride A Bike
I am nearly an adult and can't ride a bike. There I saidf it! I can't ride a bike. One of the ost basic things you can learn when growing up and I can't do it. However I really want to learn as I think I may like it.

12. Learn How To Sew And Knit
For once I want to be able to sew my clothes when they get a whole in them, and I would love to be able to knit my own scarf etc.

13. Learn How To Salsa
When watching Strictly Come Dancing, I love seeing all the performances but especially the salsa routines and always wish that I could do it.

14. See The Eiffel Tower
I have never been to Paris, or France in general, and when ever I see photos of the Eiffel Tower I wish I was there. Also, it would help me tackle my fear of heights if I went to the top.

15. Go To An Art Exhibition 
I'm not the biggest art fan, but I want to become more cultural and art seemed the easiest way to do it.

16. Publish An Article In A Magazine
I love writing and have slightly fallen in love with feature writing this past year of college since working on a Journalism course. So I would love to have an article published!

17. Work For A Charity
I have always wanted to do charity ever since my grandad died in 2011 of cancer. I would especially love to work for Cancer Research or St Luke's Hospice.

Whats on your bucket list?

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