Friday, 29 July 2016

Places I Want To Visit

 I love exploring places, seeing new cities and travelling to different countries. So it seemed right that I share where I want to go on my blog. Here is my list of places I want to visit so far...

1. Salzburg, Austria 
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Paris, France
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Dublin, Ireland
6. Edinburgh, Scotland
7. Madrid, Spain
8. Barcelona, Spain
9. Alicante, Spain
10. Venice, Italy
11. Sorrento, Italy
12. Florence, Italy
13. Verona, Italy
14. Dubrovnik, Croatia
15. Berlin, Germany
16. Dresden, Germany
17. Chicago, Illinois
18. Seattle, Washington
19. Green Turtle Cay, The Bahamas
20. Istanbul, Turkey
21. Tunis, Tunisia
22. Atlanta, Georgia
23. Santorini, Greece
24. Mykonos, Greece


  1. What a list of places, each of them completely stunning. Paris is a beautiful city full of ornate architecture and cute little cafes/bakeries/shops! That's the only place I've been out of the places you listed. But I agree with every choice!

    Katie |

    1. Thats the only reason I want to go to Paris! Just for the bakeries and beautiful arcitecture :)