Friday, 9 September 2016

How I Got Through My First Year Of College...

When looking at other blogs/youtube videos, I see a lot of content on how that person got through a year of university but never college. So since I have just finished my first year of studying at college, I thought it was a relevant post to do.

This is something I learnt when I was in Year 10 of school, that attending everyday or at least catching up with what you have missed out on is key to passing, and I have carried it on through my first year of college. I have not missed a day and that has helped me keep track of what is happening in class.

Keeping Track of Important Dates
I made it a thing for this academic to have a diary so I can write in deadlines, holidays and key things to remember and it has helped me track how long I have to complete a certain task and to manage my time efficiently. 

Asking For Help 
I used to never ask for help with work and would just sit there like a lemon. However, whenever I am stuck with work I always asked my friends or teacher for help. That way I wasn't wasting time sat like a lemon, and instead I got on with my work.

Spending The Occasional Day Off/Weekend Working
With my course I have been timetabled two days off and with those days I either have a me day, work on my blog, or do college work. I mainly get my college work done at college, so my days off are spent doing the former two of the three, but I occasionally spend those days doing theory work for my course or tweaking pieces. By doing this, it has saved me so much class time where I can be getting on with important pieces of work.

Surrounding Myself With A Good Group Of People
Three of my closest friends are what I have made whilst being on this course, so they understand what I am doing and know, most of the time, how to help. By having friends that are on my course it makes me feel like I'm not alone in stressful situations and means that when projects are set we can work together, like in photoshoots/videoshoots. 
I also have a friend doing A Levels, so we both understand if the other can't do something one weekend etc.

Spending Time With Family
I made it a thing this year to spend every Saturday I can at my nan's. This has helped me tremendously in not losing my mind and drowning in stressful college stuff. It just gives me time to forget about the stress and focus on something else.

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