Saturday, 17 September 2016

Summer At The Lake Book Review

I am sorry for the delayed post... I was quite busy yesterday and didn't have time to publish this post. Anyways...... enjoy

I really enjoy reading Erica James' books, so when I saw Summer At The Lake in The Works, I instantly grabbed it. 

It follows the story of three people and how Lake Como changes their lives. For Esme, it is where she fell in love sixty years ago. For Floriana, it is where the love of her life is getting married. And for Adam, it is where he falls in love. 

At first I found the book really hard to get into because of the switch to each of three characters stories. However, once all the characters were linked together, I found it easier to follow. 
I loved reading about Esme's past because it was romantic, sad and a little dramatic. Whenever Lake Como was described in the book, I could picture is so clearly, which doesn't happen that often. 

It had great humour throughout and ended too quickly, but I still loved it.

Have you read this book?

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