Friday, 23 September 2016

What I Do For A Bit Of 'Me Time'

Everyone knows how important a bit of 'me time' is. Just an amount of time to just concentrate on you and to escape from the world. So, I wanted to share what I do to escape from everything and chill.

One of the things I do is read. Reading and books are a passion of mine and I just love delving into a book and diving into a world of fiction. With a really good book, I could spend a whole day just huddled up with a book. To see the reasons why I love reading, check this post out. I also love adult colouring books and have spent many days just sat colouring design after design in my colouring book. I find it so calming and helps me forget about all the stress. 

Another thing I do for me time is sit and watch YouTube videos. I have actually spent a weekend in bed just binge-watching booktube videos. Also, I watch tv shows which gets me invested in the plot of the story rather than thinking about work etc. Furthermore, I usually sit and watch a film or several films which just lets me chill out for an hour or two before going back to the real world.

What do you do for 'me time'?

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