Monday, 31 October 2016

All The Bright Places Book Review

I was recommended to read this book by two of my friends, and I am glad they did.

It follows the budding relationship between Violet and Theodore (Finch), who meet at the top of the school bell tower. They pair together to complete a school project and the friendship begins.

I absolutely loved this book and found it utterly beautiful. Throughout the book I kept falling deeper and deeper in love with the two main characters and the relationship between the two of them. As I got further into the book I regretted not reading it sooner.  I really enjoyed how it was told from two peoples perspectives, I really like stories like that.
When I got to the last few chapters I had a little emotion break down, which only happens when I get super attached to the story. 

Reading this has made me quite excited to read more Jennifer Niven books!

This book definitely made it onto my favourite reads of 2016.

Have you read All The Bright Places?

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