Monday, 12 December 2016

Pride and Prejudice Book Review

I am a huge fan of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice film, so when I saw this copy of the book classic for £1.99 I immediately added it to my amazon basket. Since I read a lot of contemporay, I thought that I would give this a read to break it up as I have never read a classic before. I chose to read this during the summer as I would a lot more free time to solely focus on the book, but I didn't realise just how much time reading this book would take. 

To say it is only 329 pages long, it took me two and a half months to read! My excuse being it is written in old English and took me a while to process what it actually meant. However, even though it took me forever to read, I loved it! Also, because it is so different to what I usually read, that made me like it even more. 

Because I loved it so much I have added more classics to my wishlist and am quite excited to start reading Persuasion by Jane Austen too. Hopefully that won't take me as long to read as it is way shorter.

Have you read any classics?

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  1. Ahh I'm so glad P&P was your first classic! Gosh, there's a whole new world of amazing books just waiting for you! I'm the opposite of you, when I was younger I read so many classic novels that I find it much harder to get into contemporary ones. Totally resisting the urge to recommend hundreds of classics hehe!

    P&P used to be my favourite austen novel, but recently re-reading them all for my english course I decided I liked Persuasion a wee tiny bit more! I can't wait to read your review of it :) Did you get the wordsworth classics version of it too? if i remember right it's got such a pretty cover!

    Loved this!

    Anne x //