Friday, 30 December 2016

The Diabolic Book Review

I have been seeing this book all over YouTube and since everyone has been raving about it, I decided to get it. That and the fact that it was £5 for the hardback edition. 

I didn't know what to expect from The Diabolic by S.J Kincaid as it is a sci-fi novel and I have never read a sci-fi novel before.

The Diabolic follows the story of Nemesis who is a diabolic, a humanoid teenager who was created to protect a galactic senator's daughter, Sidonia. When Sidonia is summoned by the Emporer as a hostage, Nemesis desguises her self as Sidonia and goes in her place.

Oh... My... God! It was amazing! I absolutely loved the concept of a diabolic and having a humanoid created to protect a single person and fell in love with Nemesis - she was so badass. I also liked Tyrus as a character towards the end of the book. 

From chapter 18 to the end it was just drama central and everytime I wanted to put the book down, how the chapter would end would pull me back in. It was reallt unpredictable and inredibly intense at times which made me enjoy so much more. Also there was so much deception throughout the book and it had such an unexpected ending. There was so much deception that I was resting my head on the book once I had finished and kept saying "such deception".

 I found the genres a weird mixture - sci-fi and romance- but it really worked well. The romance part of the book made it more enjoyable for me as well because I love romance and wouldn't have loved it as near enough if it was romanceless. 

However,  found it a liitle too sci-fi at the start but that was probably because I have never read a sci-fi novel before. 

Other than that, it was utter brilliance and made me want to read more sci-fi in the future. I am incredibly happy that I fell for the hype!

I gave this a 5/5 stars

Have you read The Diabolic?

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