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The Spinster Club Series and Novella Book Review

I have had the first two books in this series since April and have never gotten round to reading them. Two of my friends have raved about them for ages and told me to read them, so I did.... And I loved them!!!

Am I Normal Yet?

The first book, Am I Normal Yet?, follows the story of Evie. Since she was sectioned when she was younger she has worried about being 'normal'. With her soon to start college, she worries about making friends and whether they will leave her if she tells them about her mental illness. After a house party gone wrong Evie meets Lottie and Amber and they soon bond over their feminist opinions. They create the "spinster" club where they meet weekly to discuss feminist issues. 

I absolutely loved Evie as a character (my favourite out of the three) and I really enjoyed the storyline behind her OCD. I liked how it talked about mental illness as there aren't a lot of books that do. I also liked how it talked about feminism, kind of made me a feminist. 
To say it is the first book in a series, I found it really good. It wasn't just a bit of a fluff story where you meet characters etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed Am I Normal Yet? and wished it had carried on with Evie's story instead of ending abruptly.

How Hard Can Love Be?

The second book, How Hard Can Love Be? follows the story of Amber. During the summer she flies to California to spend six weeks with her mum and step dad at their summer camp. Amber is bad at love, and at the age of 17 she still hasn't had her first kiss, so when she starts falling for Prom King Kyle she is weary, especially since her mom calls him a serial heartbreaker.

Whilst reading the book I fell in love with Amber and found her utterly hilarious. I also loved the american characters, mainly Kyle and Whinnie because of her Winnie the Pooh logic. I really enjoyed how it was set in America because I love America and all the american characters were funny and well portrayed.

I really liked how it carried on with the feminism opinions, but also added other people's opinions and how even though it was part of a series, it told someone else's story. Even though I absolutely love romance books, I liked how this book wasn't fully a love story. It only became a love story half way through.
Also. reading  How Hard Can Love Be? got me excited to read the third and final book in the series.

What's A Girl Gotta Do?

The third and final book in the series, What's A Girl Gotta Do? follows the story of Lottie. She is incredibly smart and hopes that one day she will be Prime Minister. However, one day she is a victim of sexual harrassment and she thinks "enough it enough!". So she creates a feminism campaign where for a month she will call out all accounts of feminism, no matter where she is, and video is. And so the Vagilante campaign is born.

Like I have said about the characters in the first two books, I love Lottie. Holly Bourne just has a way to make you love her characters by using words. I love how strong and opinionated Lottie is and I think we are quite similar. What ever she was feeling in the book, I felt it to. 
I really enjoyed how the book was mainly about feminism and how it was from a teenagers perspective because not a lot of books, especially young adult, don't talk about it. Also, I really liked the story line and found the whole idea of the campaign genius. I am also really glad it contained some romance, just a hint, because I love romance!

... And A Happy New Year?
I was so happy that Holly Bourne continued the series on, especially since the novella was released the day after I finished the final book.

The three girls throw a New Years Party and are all back together for the first time since college. Since college, everything has changed. Lottie is too busy in London at university to see the girls, and Amber and Evie are keeping secrets. 

I really enjoyed reading ..... And A Happy New Year? and couldn't put it down. I am so glad that the story didn't end at the third book, I became addicted to the three girls. When reading the novella I kept telling myself to stop reading because it is only short and wanted it not to end, however I devoured the 224 pages in one sitting! 

I really liked how it took place in one night and that the whole story was told from all three girls' perspectives. However, I found Amber and Lottie's parts a little predictable.


I really enjoyed the entire Spinster Club series and it made me want to read more of Holly Bourne's books. Also, I liked how they tackeld life issues like feminism and mental health, even though it is a young adult book series. I absolutely loved all three characters and found them incredibly funny. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the style of writing and could sit for hours reading chapter after chapter of each book. I also fell in love with all four book covers and spines, I mean look at them..... They are all stunning!

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