Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Thousandth Floor Book Review

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee follows the life of five teenagers who all live a thousand storey tower in New York who's lives all intertwine.

I got this book for my birthday from a friend and fellow book blogger Ashleigh, and was really excited to read it as a lot of people on YouTube have been raving about it. I was also excited because I haven't read anything sci-fi/futuristic before and a lot of people have said it is like a futuristic Gossip Girl and I would agree. At the first few chapters I was finding myself sat there thinking just how similar it is to Gossip Girl and was actually thinking about which person in the book is most like the TV characters. 

I absolutley loved the futuristic element of the book and also how it was a mish-mash of lots of different genres - romance, mystery and sci-fi - as well as including a ton of drama. Also, I found the concept of having a 1000 storey tower where millions of people live really intriguing.

I found the book super intense at the end and ridiculously addictive. I loved all the characters and how different they all were, but mainly loved how cute Eris and Mariel was. I'd have to say my favourite character was Watt, just loved him throughout. I am also in love with the cover, it is just stunning. 

I gave this book a 5/5 stars on goodreads

Have you read The Thousandth Floor?

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