Friday, 23 December 2016

Who Do You Love Book Review

I picked up Who Do You Love during the summer at The Works but hadn't got around to reading it until now.

Rachel and Andy meet at 8 years old in the emergency room. Throughout 30 years their lives intertwine as they always find their way back to each other.

I found that the chapters were really, painfully long - between 15 and 40+ pages, which made it hard for me to sit and read multiple chapters in one go. I was also left a bit disappointed at the end of the book becuase it ended so abruptly.

However, I loved how it was told from both characters perspectives (Rachel was my favourite) and, once the book had actually started and got to the drama, I really enjoyed it. Also, I liked how it took place over 30 years so you got to see how the characters changed throughout the book. I had never heard of Jennifer Weiner, but now I have read one of her books, I want to read more. I also thought the cover was really pretty.

Have you read any Jennifer Weiner books?

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