Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Little Paris Bookshop Book Review

I originally bought The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George in the summer last year with the intentions of reading it straight away. However, due to people recommending books for me to read and me reading them first, I have only just got chance to read it.

I have to say that I am disappointed with this book. I initially thought that it would be a contemporary book that I would enjoy because I love contemporary, but also because the blurb really intrigued me and sounded different to what I have read before. However, the story got boring and it took me over 2 weeks to actually finish the book. 

It follows the story of Jean Perdu who owns a 'literary apothecary' which he uses to heal the hearts of his customers by selling them books. However, he cannot heal his own heart and so he sets off on a journey to find his beloved.

For me the book lacked drama and because of this, it put me in a reading slump. Also, because there was nothing happening in the story, I wasn't as eager to pick it up.

However, I thought that book was a cute read at the start and end, it was just the middle part that didn't interest me. I really like how it was set in France as I haven't read a lot of books that are set there,  mainly in America or in the UK, so it made a nice change. I also liked the main character, Jean, and the sort of main character, Max. They were just so cute when together. This book was quite different to what I have read before because it had diary entries every now and then and at the end of the book it had recipes for the french cuisine mentioned in the book.

Overall I gave the book 3 stars because although it wasn't amazing, I enjoyed the start and end and it had some redeemable qualities.

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