Saturday, 18 February 2017

Heroes of Olympus - The Lost Hero Book Review

The Lost Hero is the follow on series to The Percy Jackson series. It follows the story of Jason who wakes up one day on a school bus with no recollection as to who and where he is. He is then told that him and his friends that he doesn't even remeber are demigods and are taken to Camp Half-Blood. Soon after their arrival they are sent on a quest to rescue the Queen of Gods, Hera.

Before picking up this series to read I was already really excited to read it, mainly because I loved the Percy Jackson series, and so far is hasn't been a dissapointment. I aboslutely loved the first book! It was so good and had me gripped from the first chapter. 

There was so much drama throughout the whole book, from the first page right up to the end, and I often found myself saying to myself "so much drama". Front start to finish there was never a dull or boring moment and was so suspenseful.
Since Jason is an amnesiac it added a bit of mystery to the story which made it really gripping. I just wanted to know who the heck Jason was! From the moment I first picked up The Lost Hero I didn't want to put it down purely because of how much action and drama there was.

I loved how it wasn't about Percy or Annabeth this time around. Instead it introduced three new amazing characters (Jason, Piper and Leo), who I love, and switched between all three perspectives.

To say it is the first book of a series, it was so good. I ended up giving The Lost Hero 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Have you read The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan?

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