Monday, 6 February 2017

Shift Book Review

Shift follows the story of Olive who is slowly putting her life back on track after her Dad suddenly left and her suicide attempt. She then gets caught up with Miranda Vaile, who people say killed her parents when she was young. Becoming intrigued with Miranda, Olive and her only friend Ami decided to investigate.

Miranda soon becomes involved with Katie, Olive's old best friend, who soon begins to deteriorate and dies. Olive immediately blames Katie. But did Miranda do it?

I was initially really excited and intrigued to read this book. I have started to enjoy thrillers and thought Shift by Em Bailey sounded quite different to other thrillers I have previously read. However, I was left dissapointed. 

The book was really slow to start off with and became increasingly too teenyfied. And to say that it is a thriller, it wasn't that gripping at all and it lost the thriller element at about 180 pages.

But, it did have some good qualities. I totally wasn't expecting Ami to be who she is imaginary) and thought she was a really person. I also loved the relationship between Olive and Lachlan, thought it was really cute. Am I allowed to say that about a thiller? 

Whilst reading Shift I was pretty set on giving it 2 out 5 stars on Goodreads, but the ending made me change it to 3. It was probably the most tense part of the book, although not that tense, apart from finding out about Katie and her death.

What thrillers would you recommend?

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