Thursday, 23 March 2017

Everything, Everything Book Review

Everything, Everything is the first novel of the new author Nicola Yoon and follows the story of Madeline Whittier who is allergic to everything and Olly who  moves in next door with his family.  Soon after Olly moves in, the two become friends sending instant messages to each other and sending messages through their bedroom windows.

I originally bought this book because my friend made me watch the film trailer, and it looked really good, so I just had to pick up the book.

I really enjoyed the short snappy chapters as it made it easier to binge-read and I didn't have to wait loads of pages to have a break or stop reading (I can only stop reading a book if I finish the chapter). I equally loved the little diagrams, doodles and images throughout the book because it made the book different and more interesting.

Right from the get go I loved Maddy and quickly began to love Olly too. Also, I loved the way Maddy acted about Olly because of her inexperience, like when she didn't know why her heart was beating so fast (it was because she was excited about Olly). I loved how Maddy reads and has loads of books - I can relate so much, being a book hoarder lover myself.
At around 60 pages I didn't know what to think, but as I got further into the book I started to love where it was going. I adored pages 88 to 90, they were just so cute! Pages 239 to 306 were incredible. They made me quite sad but made me smile at the same time.
I thought that it was such a unique story, I have never read a book where someone is allergic to everything. Also, the cover is just stunning! 

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Everything, Everything I thought it ended a little abruptly and I was left wanting more. For that reason, I gave it a  out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

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